Author Thales Panagides

18 Aug

Exposing The Best Swimwear Manufacturers

Swimwear Served with a smile.  Courtesy of Mar Egeu Swim  I didn’t think we would ever have to write an article exposing deceptive business practices of swimwear manufacturers wishing to promote their websites with misleading titles such as, “The 10 Best Swimwear Manufacturers in the world” or, “A Breakdown of The top 5 Swimsuit Manufacturers […]

4 Aug

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  We’ve compiled, perhaps, the most comprehensive lists of (FAQ) ever published by a swimwear manufacturer. They’re based on hundreds of emails we received from clients over the years. They’re “real,” mostly unedited questions. We hope our answers help explain everything you need to know about wholesaling bikinis, private labeling swimsuits and […]

23 Jul

The World’s Most Experienced Swimwear Manufacturer

Let Us Help You Bring Your Vision to Life! Mar Egeu is one of the oldest family owned bikini manufacturers in the world.  We opened our shop in Sao Paulo in 1967, that’s 56 years ago! Since then, day to day operations have been passed down from father to son. We’re proud to have have […]

18 Jul

The G-String, Thong and Brazilian Cut Revolution

The New York times is one of the most recognized media organizations in the world so when their headline included the word G-String, it grabbed my attention as a swimwear manufacturer with decades of experience. The article correctly asserted what we already know, that women of all shapes, sizes, and ages are embracing G-Strings, thongs […]

11 Jul

The Perfect Swimwear: Dive into Style and Sustainability

When it comes to swimwear, it’s essential to find the perfect balance between style, comfort, and sustainability.  Let’s explore the world of eco-friendly swimwear made from certified sustainable fabrics supplied by what many consider, a renowned swim manufacturer.  Enter Mar Egeu Swim. That’s us. We excel in offering exceptional custom service with quick turnarounds compared […]

6 Sep

How to Start a Swimwear Bikini Collection

  Dear Reader, lover of Swimwear:   It’s not a coincidence that you landed on this page. You’re here for a reason. Launching a swimwear collection is something that you’ve always wanted to do. Congratulations because today you’re going to turn your dream into a reality. All you have to do is follow a few simple […]

27 Jul

What is luxury Swimwear?

What comes to mind when we think of luxury?  It varies from person to person.  What one considers luxury, another may consider worthless.  For the most part, these terms have long been associated with luxury: high-quality, consistency, exclusivity, being rare, unique, and even hand-made. People are usually accustomed to paying more or a premium for […]

19 Dec

Selling your Swimsuits

What to highlight or emphasize when selling your swimwear. So let’s imagine you’ve placed your order and are ready to sell your swimsuits to the world.  You’ve created your own designs or chose our branded swim collection.  How do you market them?  What do you tell the world about why they should buy from you […]

27 Oct

Swim Fabrics

Hi, everybody.  Let’s talk about fabrics.  “If you can dream of a color or print, we can probably source it.” That’s it in a nutshell. So before I answer some of the questions we receive, it’s important to know that Brazil is renowned worldwide for its swimwear, mostly for its creativity and quality.  In fact, […]

5 Oct

More about Swimwear prices

If you’re thinking of reselling swimwear, one of the first questions you want to ask yourself is, is it worth it? Will I make money? So that question can only be answered when you find out how much the bikinis cost? Well, the answer to that depends on which bikini style you choose because what […]

24 Sep

How to find the right Swimwear manufacturer.

  This 10:43 audio is transcribed and slightly edited.  It is the first in a series that will cover topics such as fabrics, pricing, MOQs and much more about the swimwear industry.   I thought I’d do something different today and mix things up a bit, kind of walk you all through the process of […]

22 Sep

Visiting our Bikini Shop

Can we see your production facilities and meet your seamstresses? Yes, of course you can.  You’re more than welcome to visit our shop in Sao Paulo but if it’s just to see us produce your bikinis it might not make sense.  It’s not the best way to invest your money after factoring in trip expenses […]

11 Aug

Heat pressed labels

The pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages.  We discourage clients from printing logos on the surface of swim fabrics.  Yes, it’s an option we offer but reluctantly, so much that we don’t heat press labels on our branded swimwear.  The reason is that after using the swimwear just a few times, the heat pressed label begins to […]

24 May

All your swimwear questions answered

101 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Read or Download We’ve compiled, perhaps, the most comprehensive lists of (FAQ) ever published by a swimwear manufacturer. They’re based on hundreds of emails we received from clients over the years. They’re “real,” and mostly unedited questions.  We hope our answers help explain everything you need to know about wholesaling bikinis, […]

26 Jan

Who is Thales Panagides?

People are often curious to know who’s behind a company.  I find it challenging to convey who I am in writing because what I do for a living or have accomplished over the years by no means accurately captures who I think I am on a deeper level.  I’ll keep it simple and start off […]

26 Jan

What swim fabrics do you offer and how can I choose which ones I would like for my bikini collection? 

We work with several fabric mills.  Each fabric mill showcases its own fabric prints and colours throughout the year.  They don’t necessarily have a fixed swatch of colors and prints to share with the market as is commonly thought.  For that reason, we can’t ensure that a print or color shared with us today will […]

25 Jan

Bikini Store Locator using Google Maps

10 Jan

How did the Swimwear market evolve since 2004?

Evolution of the Swimwear market Reflections, Trends and Predictions: 2004–2021 and beyond. From sweatshops to Ethical Swimwear manufacturers offering Sustainable and Eco friendly fabrics. As I type these words, I pause for a moment. My attention turns to my daughter. She’s watching a movie on her smartphone. Her screen is smaller than the palm of […]

9 Oct

If you can dream it, we can produce it

If you can dream it, we can produce it.  That’s probably why repeat customers consider us to be one of the best swimsuit manufacturers in the world.  We’ve launched dozens and dozens of swim labels over the years, many which are wholesale swimwear vendors and recognized bikini brands.  We are essentially the brand behind the […]

2 Oct

Can I make money selling authentic Brazilian bikinis online?

Have you ever wondered if you could make money selling authentic Brazilian bikinis online? Oh, and did we mention – with your name or logo appearing on the tags and labels.  We thought so.   Here’s a step-by-step financial guide to help you better understand the amount of money required to launch your own private label […]