Swim Fabrics

Hi, everybody. 

Let’s talk about fabrics. 

“If you can dream of a color or print, we can probably source it.”

That’s it in a nutshell. So before I answer some of the questions we receive, it’s important to know that Brazil is renowned worldwide for its swimwear, mostly for its creativity and quality.  In fact, the quality of our fabrics, or those available in the Brazilian market, are the best in the world. And if they’re not the best in the world, they certainly compete with the best in the world. 

Swim Fabric Mills. 

We work primarily with two fabric mills. One of them is called Santa Constantia and they produce eco-friendly sustainable fabrics that are called “Amni Soul,” under the CO2 brand.  They are environmentally friendly because they decompose in a much shorter amount of time than traditional synthetic materials. That is, when they are discarded in the waste, the pores of the nylon in the fabric are constructed in such a way that they decompose in as little as five years time.  It’s one of our most popular fabrics available and we use them for our own collection. The second fabric mill we work with is called Rosset and they have swim Lycra fabrics too,  We also use them to produce some of our own styles. So again, we work with two principal fabric mills, one called Santa Constantia, and the other one called Rosset which also offers textured fabrics, which are trending big time.  We can certainly share dozens of pictures of what those fabrics look like and the colors available.  For more information, please read this swimwear article. 


  Santa Constancia


Okay. So, to begin with, the first question everybody asks, is do you have a fabric guide or swatches we can see?  What colors do you stock? There are three ways we reply to that. First of all, we don’t have a fixed swatch that we can send because the colors change constantly, especially now, in this global trade climate we’re experiencing.  Even fabric mills are enabled to showcase what’s available in the market so many of those produced become available or shared with the market based on what’s in stock.  But we can certainly share the fabrics we have for our own collection. That’s a start. Secondly, we can source what we have from our inventory. Third, we can look in the local market for what colors and prints may be available.  And finally, we can source directly from the fabric mill. In fact, we can design your own exclusive print.  It also helps if you share what colors or prints you have in mind. Once you send us those colors and prints, we’ll see if we can come up with something that resembles them and if not source directly from the fabric mill.

So do we offer, for example, a starter kit?  Yes, we can. That is, you could choose any bikini you want based on the style of the bikini or some of the prints that you like, and then we can cut some fabric swatches, and include them in the actual bikini.  So you can also see the craftsmanship of the bikini and the fabrics themselves. The turnaround of receiving a kit is just a matter of three to five days. We can Fedex them wherever you live around the world. 

Fabric Composition. What are they made of?

The composition of most of these fabrics are mainly 85% polyamide, also known as Nylon, and 15% made of Spandex, also known as elastane.  All fabrics are made with the latest generation of microfibers from the most sophisticated and recognized fabric mills in the world, if not certainly, in South America.


The availability of fabrics is instant for the ones we stock.  If we don’t have them in stock, we can source them locally in the market and it would just be a matter of a week or two for us to make some phone calls and visit some other fabric mill suppliers. And the final option is to contact the fabric mills and see what they can offer.

Minimum Order quantity.

The MOQs vary. If we have them in stock and you want to design your own bikini collection, then the minimum there is 120 bikinis.  In terms of which colors we stock, it’s safe to say that we have most all solid colors, those typically being black, white, blue, yellow, and red, for example.  And for prints we have animal prints, floral prints and tribal prints. And again, anything we don’t have, we can source around and also share some pictures of what we can come up with. Again, we recommend that you order a few bikinis to get a feel for the craftsmanship, how they fit, and always we will include some fabrics if you like when we expedite the bikini out to you.

Keep in mind that fabrics may vary in color when viewed online, on your computer, on your phone, or depending on the device you use.  It’s always best to get a first hand look at what the fabric will look like which is why we encourage customers to place a small order of different bikinis to see what the samples look like.

Anything is possible. If you can dream it, we could probably source it. And if it’s not immediately available in the market, we can produce it.  Everything just depends on your budget and turnaround goals. I hope this helps and kick starts your desire and interest to start your own swimwear collection.