Private Label

Sell bikinis under your own name or brand

Sell Brazilian bikinis under your own name! To qualify for private labeling simply order at least 80 pieces in any mix of styles, colors and sizes.

The total cost of a private label order depends on which styles you select since prices vary from style to style. The additional cost to fulfill a private label order is ZERO unless we have to source your tags and labels that require features you may want such as embroidered text and multiple pages in multiple colors.

Please note that we don’t profit from providing custom labels, swing tags or bags. We simply quote the prices third party suppliers provide us. If you can find cheaper options in your country then we’ll be more than happy to accept them.

Wondering how much money you can earn? Here’s a breakdown of all the expenses and potential income.


  1. FREE
    Send us your tags and labels and we’ll stitch them at no additional cost provided they meet the appropriate sizing requirements.
  2. Tags and labels are outsourced to a third-party company that specializes in delivering high quality labeling to major Brazilian designer brands. They charge anywhere between $85 to $200 to produce 3000 tags and $145 to produce 100 embroidered labels. Prices vary since it depends on the number of colors applied and if the tags are single (back/front) or the folded type (open/close). This is the best value for money. Leftovers can be applied towards future orders.
    Turnaround: Approximately 25 business days

Swing Tags

The inside of the tag displays the washing instructions in four languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Swing tags are then clipped to each bikini and include a Lycra ® hand tag which ensures that each bikini was produced using Lycra ®, a registered trade mark associated with quality and comfort.



Labels are attached at the center of each bikini bottom. The front side displays the logo image and size of the bikini while the back side conveys the origin and bikini composition.

Black and White

  1. The is a Free version of what you inner logo could look like if printed in black on white nylon.
  2. Custom woven Labels include embroidered text and image
    Note: We outsource tags and label work to Haco. They’re the most respected company in their field and supply to famous Brazilian designer brands.
  3. Swing Tags


  1. Hygienic protection label
    The generic version with no logo is free but if you want to include your logo that would be about $80 for 1000 stickers.
    Brazilian Bikinis - Hygeinic Sticker
  2. Zip Lock plastic protection bag
    • Transparent bags without a logo cost $0.85 each with a minimum order of 5000 bags.
    • Zip lock bags with your logo and as many as four different colors cost $1.15 each with a minimum order of 3000 bags. We can send you the left overs or save them for future orders.
    Tip: It’s wise to shop around and compare rates.

New to consider: Eco-Friendly Tags, Labels and Bags

The Nature Line offered by Haco uses natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, linen, wool and recycled polyester which don’t harm the environment.