Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

We’ve compiled, perhaps, the most comprehensive lists of (FAQ) ever published by a swimwear manufacturer. They’re based on hundreds of emails we received from clients over the years. They’re “real,” mostly unedited questions. We hope our answers help explain everything you need to know about wholesaling bikinis, private labeling swimsuits and designing your own swimwear collection.


  1. Who are you?​ Mar Egeu is a family owned business that opened shop in the heart of Sao Paulo in 1967 selling women’s fashion clothing. The founder, Mr. Tsilivis Nicolas Katsorchis, was a hard working immigrant from Europe. Following their father’s entrepreneurial footsteps, the second generation recognized an opportunity in the beachwear market. In the early 90s, global demand for swimwear skyrocketed. Brazil’s endless summers and sandy beaches proved to be ideal as it provided room for experimentation. Brazil quickly earned the respect and admiration from fashionistas for producing incredible swimwear with creative styles, vibrant colors and quality cuts not found anywhere. Fast forward and today Mar Egeu is now recognized as one of the leading Brazilian swimwear brands sold in over 100 countries. As swimsuit manufacturers, we also support those who want to private label swimwear or produce their own bikini collection. Our team consists of dedicated designers, pattern-makers, seamstresses, cutters, and a charming sales team.
  2. Do you manufacture bikinis? ​Yes. Absolutely. We manufacture bikinis which are also referred to as swimwear, swimsuits, or bathing suits.
  3. Are you a Swimwear vendor?​ We design, produce, market and wholesale swimwear under our own brand, “Mar Egeu.” We also produce swimwear for start-ups and people who dream of creating their own swim label and bikini collection.
  4. Are you a one-stop-shop?​ Yes. We’re a one-stop-shop to a certain degree. You won’t have to do anything other than share your vision for your swim label. What we can’t produce in-house, we source locally like fabrics, tags and labels from the best suppliers available in the market.
  5. Where are you based?​ Our retail and production team is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our shop is in a very well known industrial zone called Bras. Buyers from all over Brazil visit Bras. The professional ones, those who buy to resell, are often called “sacoleiros” (baggers). They arrive with large bags, the size of suitcases, to pack their purchases with mostly fashion related articles such as clothes, shoes, purses, and swimwear.
  6. Can you be trusted?​ T​rust is earned​ and not easily conveyed with text online. We’ve been in business since 1967 which means we’ve acquired a tremendous amount of history and experience that speaks volumes of who we are as a family business. The greatest things we’ve learned about trust is that people don’t just buy the product but the person and team behind the product. Our clients have told us repeatedly that they enjoy working with us because they see the human side behind our family business and like how we’re transparent. We genuinely want our customers to succeed because if our clients don’t do well, we don’t do well. If they don’t sell, we don’t sell. Our credibility always increases when we discourage first time buyers from buying more bikinis than we think they actually need. We’re in this for the long run and believe that trust is the foundation for any successful partnership.
  7. Why you?​ – We’d like to draw your attention to the 4 Ps of marketing to answer the question of why you should consider working with us and not with anybody else who’s also just a click away. One of the first things a student of marketing learns is something called the four Ps. The four Ps consist of Product, Price, Promotion and Place. This marketing mix is a classic model that suggests companies who get the 4 Ps right tend to do well. Let’s use Mar Egeu as an example. Based in Brazil (place), we sell bikinis (product) at competitive prices (price), and advertise them on and offline (promotion). We’ve covered the 4 Ps but so have other many other swimwear companies. We believe that being in Brazil is a competitive advantage because Brazil is synonymous with bikinis but that’s not enough to compete in today’s global market. The good news is that there is a 5th P that can’t be duplicated no matter what – and that stands for “People.” We believe that our team separates us from so many other swimwear manufacturers and that’s not just our opinion but what our customers have been telling us for decades. Nobody can copy who we are as a people, our enthusiasm, passion and love for serving our customers. It has always been about developing good relationships, so much that many of our customers have become long time friends.
  8. Are you ethical and sustainable?​ Yes. Absolutely. We don’t employ child labor and adhere to strict Brazilian tax and labor laws. For more information on sustainability and our Eco friendly fabrics please ​read this article.
  9. How many years have you been in business?​ We’ve been in business for 53 years and counting, with three decades of those focused primarily on wholesaling swimwear and private labeling bikinis.
  10. What labels do you work with?​ ​Can you give examples of swimwear companies who already have products manufactured by your service?​ Private label customers prefer to remain anonymous. We respect their privacy and understand why they would not want to reveal the bikini manufacturer who supplies or produces their collection. Having said that, we also understand that knowing a few brands would make you feel more confident about what we do. Suffice to tell you that we’ve produced bikinis for the Miss USA beauty pageant held in Las Vegas many years ago and designed bikinis for Miss World and Miss Universe. We’ve been mentioned in leading magazines such as Vogue, FHM, Ocean Drive, and Scene Boston to name a few.


11. I’m new to this and would like to know more​. ​Walk me through the steps. ​The very first step is to receive our general introduction email. The email outlines our experience in the swimwear industry, reveals wholesale bikini prices, informs you about shipping and minimum quantities. It also includes access to our most recent bikini collection, an order form, and elaborates on three buying options: (i) our wholesale bikini collection, (ii) private labeling options and (iii) custom designing your own swim line. Promotional offers and some other things to consider are also included. The email provides answers to common questions we receive.

12. I want to create my own brand of bikinis. Please help me get started​. Creating your own brand has never been easier. We recognized the demand for private labeling, also known as white labeling, when our clients began creating personal brands on Youtube and on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and more recently TikTok. Private labeling swimwear is a way to build your brand identity and showcasing your very own bikini label to your loyal “tribe” or community. For a mere 80 bikinis in total, you can offer a large selection of styles, colors and sizes. There is no additional cost for private labeling unless you opt for more elaborate tags or prefer to have the labels embroidered. There’s also an additional cost if you decide to have your logo pressed on the swimwear fabric. Simply select which bikinis you would like to have private labeled, and within 2-3 weeks you would receive them with your brand name appearing on the labels.

13. Interested in opening a wholesale account with your swimwear collection.​ ​Do I need a business license? ​You do not need a business license to purchase from us.

14. Do you have a wider selection?​ Yes. We have many more styles. They consist of models from previous collections and are sold on a first come first served basis until we run out of stock. Likewise, any styles you don’t see and wish we had in stock can be produced. This option falls under our custom design services and largely depends on your budget since at least 120 bikinis have to be produced in one particular style.

15. What is your minimum upfront cost? ​The upfront cost depends on how many bikinis you purchase. The cost is basically the wholesale price of each bikini plus shipping and any clearing fees you may have to pay on receiving the goods. We’ll send you a proforma invoice so you know exactly what you will be paying for in advance should you decide to place an order.

16. How much can I expect to make? ​You should expect to earn at least 100% of whatever you end paying for. If you spent a total of $1,000 including shipping and other expenses, you should aim to earn at least twice that amount. Of course, you can offer discounts on holidays and earn around 50%. It largely depends on you.

17. How to place an order? ​An order can be placed using our online order form or by sending us an email listing the styles, quantities, colors and sizes you would like to purchase.

18. We have our own set of swimwear designs. Do you charge extra to produce our own designs, in comparison to using one of your pre-designed swimwear?​ We simply charge a prototype fee of $150 to ensure your swimwear design is exactly how you want it to be prior to us producing it in quantities. It takes into account labor, time and material resources needed to reproduce your swimwear design. It’s non-refundable

but you get to keep the bikini. If you think about it, it costs less than a brand bikini so it turns out to be accessible for just about everybody. Imagine if you could dream of a bikini you wished to own but couldn’t find it anywhere in the market, one that you can call your own creation or adaption of a popular one for just $150. It’s possible and a reality. You can do that with us.

19. It appears you offer design and prototyping in house, can this step be skipped if we already have our own designs? ​No because we would have to prototype it to make sure we can reproduce them to your standard prior to them entering into production. Keep in mind that we don’t profit or make money off of prototyping.

20. Is the 120 production requirement singular pieces or sets of tops and bottoms? We count one bikini as a set. That is, the bottom plus top count as one piece.
21. Do you manufacture private label beachwear cover ups? ​Yes, in addition to bikinis, we produce matching cover-ups, sarongs and pareos.

22. Do you have a step by step manual that explains the process or do we just look at the styles on your website, pick a fabric design and get a prototype made? ​Yes, we can send you a step-by-step guide. We have a prototype manual and we will be in constant touch to guide you on every step of the way.

23. What are the three principle buying options? ​The three principle buying options are wholesale, private labeling and custom designing. a) Wholesale. ​12 bikinis total (used to be 25)​ – This includes any mix of styles, colors and sizes with Mar Egeu tags and labels attached. Top and bottom count as one (sold as sets). Availability of past collections are sold on a first come first served basis since they’re no longer being reproduced. b) Private labeling. ​80 bikinis total (used to be 300)​. ​Details here.​ Private labeling is a great option and growing in popularity. A private label order entails a minimum order of 80 bikinis in any mix of styles, sizes and colors. The price is the same as if you were to purchase our bikinis. You only have to pay for your labels and tags. We source these from a well known company called Haco or you can source them locally. c) Custom design. ​120 bikinis per style (depending on fabric)​ – ​This option ​is available if you decide to design your own bikini collection. 120 bikinis will get you one style in as many as 3 different colors and 4 different sizes – XS, S, M and L.


24. I would like to become a wholesale client. How do I register? ​You do not have to register. Anyone can become a client by simply sending in their order and paying for the total. We’ll just need your complete shipping address to share it with FedEx.

25. How do we get started? I would like to make a wholesale purchase? ​Simply select any 15 bikinis from our catalog. You can use our wholesale order form or list them in an email stating the reference number of the bikini, preferred color, quantity and sizes you would like to order. Once we receive your order, we’ll double check availability and let you know the status of your order. We’ll then send you a proforma invoice for you to confirm prior to us sending a Paypal money request or our bank wire info with the total amount plus shipping.

26. I am interested in starting my own brand, but first I want to see the quality etc. Yes, absolutely. We suggest you purchase a few samples to get a feel for the quality, fit and range we offer.

27. The website doesn’t allow me to make a payment. ​That is correct because we don’t sell directly to the end buyer which is also why we don’t publish our prices online. We don’t want to compete or in anway interfere with our customer’s business.

28. Do you also produce bikinis specialized for bigger breast/larger cups? ​Yes. Absolutely. We produced curvy styles and cup sizes to accommodate most sizes.

29. Do you make custom pieces for children’s swimline? ​Yes, absolutely. And plus sizes too. We can produce a children’s swimline including styles with matching mother and daughter prints. 30. I would like to create a custom maternity swimsuit. ​We can produce maternity swimsuits. This falls under our custom design program and as with any swimsuit designed from scratch, the minimum quantity order is 120 sets or one-pieces. If you can dream it, we can produce it including burkinis, curvy styles, resort, string or micro bikinis.

31. How much will it cost me? ​This depends on the style of bikinis you select since each

bikini has its own price. Of course it also depends on the quantities you purchase and which buying option you select. We share our prices in the general introduction email. It’s important to keep in mind that ​we use the finest Lycra® and microfibers available in the market and apply luxurious embellishments that can add as much as 50% to the total cost of the bikini. All bikinis are double-lined and include authentic “Made in Brazil” labels. Our bikinis meet rigorous export specifications. We don’t differentiate on price. We focus on producing high quality swimwear with distinctive styles.

32. How can I pay / Methods? ​You can pay for orders you place using online payment services such as Paypal, Zelle, Transferwise or a Bank Wire transfer.

33. Do you accept credit cards, such as Visa, for payments? ​As long as Paypal can process the transaction, you can use Visa or any other credit card you like.

34. Terms / Negotiable​? Depending on the value of the order, we can accept 50% upfront to initiate the production of the bikinis and the remaining 50% prior to expediting them. Smaller orders are usually paid all up front.


35. Do you offer eco friendly fabrics? ​I want the brand to be eco friendly and made with Econyl fabric. ​Yes, we offer eco friendly fabrics. For more about the fabrics we offer, please visit our Eco Friendly fabrics and ​sustainable swimwear ​page.

36. Do you have more models and colors to choose from? ​Yes, we have more models and colors in stock which can be shared in an email.

37. Can I combine different tops and bottoms? ​We do not mix and match and sell separate tops and bottoms but can produce separately in a way that you can combine different tops and bottoms as you like.

  1. Will you be able to provide fabric samples upon request. ​Yes, we can.
  2. If we find a fabric elsewhere, which we want to use, will you be able to use the fabrics we provide (i.e. with unique patterns)? ​Yes, provided it makes economic sense for you to do so. Usually it does not make financial sense unless you are able to source the fabric locally. Whatever you can find we can probably reproduce locally.

40. What is the composition of your fabrics? ​85% Polyamide (Nylon) and 15% Spandex also known as elastane.

41. What colors – solids and prints do you offer? ​We stock most solid colors, and several animal and floral prints. We can also source colors and prints we don’t have in stock.

42. What materials are your suits made from? ​The latest generation in Micro-fibers from some of the most recognized fabric mills in the world. These include Rosset and Santa Constancia.

43. How can I get to feel the fabrics? ​We can send you samples of our fabrics to get a feel for them.

44. Fabric options? What do they look like? ​The availability of fabrics, prints and colors are infinite. If we don’t have what you want in stock, we can source them from two of the largest fabric mills – Santa Constancia and Rosset. .

45. Do you offer exclusive patterns? ​Yes, we can offer exclusive prints and develop your own exclusive pattern if you like. Exclusive prints tend to cost more and take longer to produce.


46. What is the delivery cost on the minimum order of bikinis? ​About $70 to expedite 15 bikinis to the United States via Fedex Priority.

47. Shipping cost for MOQ order? AND for bulk orders. ​This depends on the gross weight of the order. Once we know the weight, we’ll quote whatever Fedex quotes based on weight and destination.

48. Do you ship to my country? ​We expedite orders to any country Fedex covers which is 220 countries and territories.

49. Do you take care of the order and fulfilment, i.e. ship directly to our customers internationally? ​We work closely with Fedex who collect your packed orders and ship them to any address you provide. We’ll provide you with an online tracking number.

50. Are you set up to do Amazon or Shopify fulfilment? ​We are not set up to do Amazon or Shopify. Our focus is on designing and producing bikinis.

51. Do you provide the barcode for products? ​We do not provide barcodes although barcodes are used for our local market.

52. How are orders tracked? – Will you send shipping and tracking information to the customer? ​We’ll send you the Fedex tracking number and link within hours of receiving it from Fedex.

53. Do you dropship (deliver directly to the customer) and if so what are the fees? ​We do not dropship but our clients do. We don’t think it’s appropriate to compete with our clients. Dropshipping is logistically more challenging as you must have in stock all year round bikinis that you are promoting in every style, size and color.

54. Can we organise our own shipment methods? ​Yes, you can organise your own shipping preference. We mostly use Fedex since we’ve had a working relationship with them for over 15 years and have access to discounts that most customers find hard to match.

55. How long does it take for the swimwear to arrive? Fedex Economy versus Fedex Priority. ​Dispatched from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and sent to any address in the United States, the package may arrive in 2-3 days using Fedex Priority and in about 4-5 working days via Fedex Economy. It may take a few more days to arrive in Europe, Asia or Australia.


56. How much do private label bikinis cost? ​The price to private label any bikini is whatever the wholesale price of the bikini is which can be seen on the order form we share in the general introduction email.

57. Cost for different quantities? ​The total cost is calculated automatically on the order form. Simply select the style, quantity, color and size, and the total amount is automatically calculated.

58. How much, on average, do you charge for a bikini and swimsuit of our own design? ​We charge $150 to prototype your bikini. The cost of your own swimsuit depends on the bikini you want designed. It can be anywhere from $17 to $27.

59. Could you give me wholesale prices and suggested Retail? ​Wholesale prices are published on our order form which we share in our general introduction email. The general rule is to sell the bikinis for double the amount you paid.

60. How much more does it cost to add our brand logo? ​There are no additional costs if you private label our styles.

61. Rough estimate on the production rate per piece. ​If you submit your own design, we can provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost us to reproduce them in quantities. Only after we actually prototype the bikini can we share the precise amount it will cost since we first have to factor in the time, labor and amount of material required to produce the bikini.

  1. What is your minimum upfront cost? ​We don’t have a minimum upfront cost but $200 is enough to get you started on a wholesale order.
  2. What is the cost to ship 15 bikinis (the MOQ) to the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia?​ If the gross weight of 15 bikinis is about 3 kgs (6.6 lbs) Estimated shipping (Fedex Priority) to the United States is $60.00, while Europe, Asia and Australia are about $90.00.
  3. Currency. Are your wholesale export prices expressed in USD, Euros or Brazilian Reais?​ All prices are listed in USD.
  4. Can you give me the average price per sample? ​The average price of our bikinis vary from year to year but you can expect to pay anywhere between $17 – $27 and slightly more for one-pieces.
  5. Provide a full breakdown of charges, including all fees? ​You should expect to pay for a) the total cost of the bikinis, b) shipping, c) import taxes and local duties.


  1. Do you offer XS, XXS, XL or XXL?​ Our most common sizes are XS, S, M and Large. We also custom produce for “Plus” collections. Sizing also depends on the cut or style of the bikini.
  2. US vs Europe vs Brazil and Asia.​ Our ​sizing chart ​has served clients over the years. It’s not perfect but provides a good sense of how our sizes run. It’s hard to be accurate because of the Lycra stretch factor. The important thing to note is that Brazilian sizes tend to run one size smaller so a US Small is sold as a Medium in Brazil. Most of our tops have adjustable back and shoulder straps so if you’re in between sizes, you can still get that perfect fit. You can’t generalize with sizes but it’s fair to note that our XS is ideal for petite women. Perhaps young teenagers or Asian women. Our Small and Mediums fit comfortably for most women between the ages of 18-35 years of age and our Large size is suitable for slightly larger women but not necessarily overweight.


69. What is your MOQ (minimum quantity order) for samples and bulk orders? ​The MOQ for our branded bikinis is 15 bikinis, for private labeling (our bikinis your brand) 80 bikinis and for a custom designed bikinis 120 bikinis per style in as many as 3 different colors and 4 different sizes.

70. Do you count by pieces or sets? ​Bikinis are counted as sets. For example, a bikini top plus a bikini bottom count as one piece when placing an order.

71. Can you please let us know your MOQ per style? ​There are no minimums per style when placing a wholesale order or private label order. There is only an MOQ when producing your own bikini from scratch which is 120 bikinis.

72. How many orders need to be placed in each style and size? ​There are no conditions or limits on styles, colors and sizes. The only amount you have to meet when placing a private label order is for a total of 80 bikinis and for a custom design order 120 pieces per style.


73. What does the sampling process look like? ​You can order one to get a feel for the bikini or place an order for 12 bikinis.

74. Do swimsuits come in sample kits / pre packs so we can first check the quality and variety of fabrics? ​We can send you a paid sample of your choice and include cuts from fabrics if you like.

75. If I place an order for $500-$600 around how many swimsuits would you say? ​That would get you about 20 bikinis delivered to any address you provide.

76. How much would the sampling process cost for a top and bottom solid color set and how much with a pattern? ​There is no difference in price although print patterns tend to be a few dollars more as they require more color dye and an elaborate screen printing process.

77. What would be the cost involved for the samples provided verus prototypes? Prototypes involve producing a bikini from scratch and that costs $150 whereas a sample from a ready made bikini simply costs whatever the price the bikini is selling for at wholesale.


78. How long will it take you to make the minimum order of bikinis? ​We can expedite your order within 24 hours of receiving payment. If a particular style, color or size is not readily available, we can produce it within 10 business days.

79. What’s the production time frame? How long, on average, does it take to ship the bikinis once an order has been placed? ​The production time frame varies from immediate to 7 weeks. We constantly produce bikinis for our collection which we also sell directly in our store but also produce custom design bikinis which can take a week to prototype before they go into production. Once they go into production, it can take anywhere between 3 and 7 weeks to complete depending on the number of styles and total number of bikinis.

80. What are the lead times for ready made vs private label vs. custom design?​ Ready made bikinis can be shipped within 24 hours or at most 7 business days. A private label order may take a couple of weeks and a custom design order anywhere from 5-7 weeks.


81. Can you send us a print catalog or a look book so we can see the designs available?​ Printing and mailing catalogs is an outdated way of sharing images. It’s costly and a waste of resources. We share our swimwear catalogs online, as a pdf file, or upload them to any relevant photo sharing platform such as google photos or dropbox.

82. ​Do you have a fabric design catalogue?​ ​Yes, we do. You can choose from a myriad of fabrics.


83. Do you know what the import tax in my country is? ​Every country has their own import tax code making it difficult to provide any guidance. In some cases, no taxes are levied like Australia if the value of the goods declared is less than $1,000. As a general guideline, we believe customers should add about $1.50 to cover additional fees incurred. For instance, if you purchase 20 bikinis and are thinking of selling them for $45, then to cover the cost of import you should pass the additional cost on to the customer so they end up buying your bikini for at least $46.50.


84. Can we change the pattern, color and add our logo? ​Yes. We can alter the bikini style, color and add your logo but that may fall under the custom design service if it’s a print we don’t have.

85. Do the bikinis arrive with washing instructions tags and our logo? Yes, all bikinis include washing instruction tags, sizing labels and a logo if you decide to private label.

86. Are there fees associated with adding my logo on the bikinis? ​There are no additional fees unless you prefer more elaborate labels such as embroidered ones rather than printed logos or multi-color swing tags. The additional fees are minor and would just add about $1 or $2 more to the final price of the bikini.

  1. Can you place my company name and logo on the package? ​Yes.
  2. What is the cost per set with our own logo? ​Depends on the bikini you select but prices tend to range from $18 – $28.

89. What language do the labels appear in?​ The labels appear in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

90. Do you provide customized tags and packaging?​ Yes, we provide customized tags and packaging. Anything is possible. It all depends on your budget.


91. What is the return policy?​ We accept the return or exchange of any bikini that is deemed defective. Simply return it within 30 days and we’ll replace it or offer a refund for the cost of the bikini. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. For more details please visit our ​shipping and returns policy page.


92. What is the best way to communicate with you? Can we talk over the telephone​? Yes, absolutely. We can talk over the phone or any other means you prefer. Other options include Whatsapp, Zoom, Messenger, Skype or Viber. The most popular platform seems to be Whatsapp because we can securely and more easily exchange images and text in real-time.


93. Can you provide samples, patterns of material used to make swimsuits? ​Yes, we can send you our bikinis. We encourage first time buyers to start off with 15 samples to get a feel for the quality and range of styles. You can choose from your favorite models (or allow us) and we’ll check back on availability. If you’re interested in sampling just one bikini, it costs $89.90 + shipping. A credit of $50 will be applied if you decide to place an order for at least 15 bikinis.

94. What is your Client Profile?​ Our clients are mostly women, about 70% with the remaining 30% being men between the ages of 24 and 44. Most are millennials born after 1982. They come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Many work in corporate settings and want to start something for themselves. They tend to enjoy the beach lifestyle or want to take advantage of their social media popularity. Our customers are models, students, mothers, career professionals and really just about anyone with an entrepreneurial itch.

95. Do you also have string and micro bikinis in stock?​ Our swimwear collection does not consist of string or micro bikinis, also known as “fio dental” or dental floss in Brazil, but we regularly produce these revealing cuts for clients around the world.

96. Do you have embellishments/accessories to use on some pieces such as gold-tone chains, rings, etc.?​ Yes. We have access to an infinite number of embellishments, accessories and trinkets from multiple suppliers. The options are limitless. We don’t stock them but we can source then locally.

97. Do you offer discounts based on quantities ordered?​ Yes. The amount discounted depends on whether the order is a custom design one, private label or a wholesale “Mar Egeu” branded order.

98. Can you reproduce a style simply off of photos we send?​ Yes. Absolutely. The more pictures you send (front, side, back view), the easier it will be for us to duplicate. Some clients share short video clips of bikinis explaining everything in much greater detail.

99. Would you work with embellishments, stones or sequins on cover ups and bikinis? ​Yes, absolutely.

100. Is there room for changing colors and doing different designs on the bikinis? Yes. The sky’s the limit. We can source just about any color or print you like.

101. What kind of post sales support do you offer? ​We provide fanatical support and a money back guarantee not typically offered in our industry!

We wish you lots and lots of sales and many happy repeat customers. We look forward to helping you place your first order.

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