More about Swimwear prices

If you’re thinking of reselling swimwear, one of the first questions you want to ask yourself is, is it worth it? Will I make money? So that question can only be answered when you find out how much the bikinis cost? Well, the answer to that depends on which bikini style you choose because what determines the price of a bikini is, for example, the amount of material each bikini uses, the accessories applied to it, and the amount of time required to create that bikini.  In our case, from our swimwear collection, the average price is in the mid 20 dollar range and it can vary from year to year depending on the exchange rate and current economic climate.  But it’s safe to say that if any of the bikinis you are designing resemble ours, or are similar to the ones we have in our branded collection, then the wholesale price will be around $23 to $26. They could cost less and they could cost more.  Again, it all depends on the accessories you decide to use, the amount of fabric, and the time required to design your bikini.

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