Custom Design

YOU can create your dream collection - as a designer!

That’s right! We’re offering you the opportunity to inject your personal style, design and promote your own bikini line.

Get inspired!

It’s fun…super fun! We call it “customer-made” and simply become the brand behind your brand. This is your chance to exhibit your talent and profit from your untapped creativity. We’ve made it accessible for just about anyone* to launch an exclusive bikini collection without requiring exorbitant upfront costs or design experience. For a mere $150 per style, you’ll gain access to top designers and leverage our experienced production team. This fee includes research and development and anything else needed to transform your dream model into a prototype.

We’re the first Brazilian bikini supplier in the world to offer this option on a scale that’s accessible and affordable and at the same time using only the finest materials backed by fanatical support.

Here's how it works:

  1. Send us digital pictures or sketches of bikinis you like. If you own a model and would like to make adaptations then mail us the sample and share your ideas.
  2. It’s not necessary, but if you like, you can visit us in Brazil. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of days but would be a great excuse to meet us in person and combine business with pleasure.
  3. Choose, among other things, fabric pattern, color, cut, design and accessories. Design as many styles as you like but remember each prototype entails an upfront fee of $150 applied towards research and development. At this point we would also be able to determine the cost components of producing each bikini which would be similar to the Mar Egeu line. Prices vary depending on the materials and accessories used.
  4. During the development stage we’ll constantly be trading emails and phone calls to exchange ideas and provide instant feedback.
  5. Preview and approve the prototype before it goes into mass production.
  6. The minimum per style is 120 bikinis in any size. Ex: 20 in XS, 40 small, 40 medium and 20 in large.
  7. Your dream collection will also include your own tags and labels. For more information about this please visit our private label link.
  8. Depending on the ease or complexity of producing each bikini, delivery can take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Customers who opt to launch their own bikini collection tend to start off with about 5 to 7 different bikini styles. We suggest no less than five and not more than 10 designs but the final quantity will depend on your budget and business plan.

Example of 1 Style – with a 150 bikini minimum.

It costs $150 to prototype one bikini (top + bottom). Keep in mind that the minimum per style is 120-150 pieces.. So if you develop 2 designs it would amount to an order of around 300 bikinis. We realize that imposing high minimums per style makes it difficult for those operating on a tight budget. The reason we can’t go lower is because the fabric mills we source from impose them and it’s the approximate number of bikinis required to use up an entire roll of fabric. Fabric is expensive. We order the highest quality and therefore try our best to minimize waste or leftover.

Note: The total quantity ordered per size should amount to a number that is divided by 5 or an even number. For example: 20 XS, 30 small, 15 medium and 10 large.

Prototyping usually takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Once you approve the prototypes, it takes about 4-6 weeks to complete production. Once the bikinis are packaged and dispatched from our shop, it takes about 7-10 days to arrive in your country.

The final price of the bikini would depend on the complexity and accessories applied to each bikini. Embellishments can add as much as 50% to the total cost of a bikini. The price point for a simple design is approximately $18 while the more sophisticated styles can cost around $30. Keep in mind that we use the best Lycra in the world (original from DuPont) and back our services with fanatical support via phone, Skype and/or email.

You can choose from many different print patterns and solid colors that make up Mar Egeu’s past collections. Likewise, we have access to dozens of accessory suppliers so if you have something specific in mind we can check if it’s available in the market.

Developing bikinis with your exclusive design is possible. It just depends on your budget and deadline constraints. Simply explain the pattern you like and we’ll prototype them for your approval. Once approved, we produce just enough to produce a couple of bikinis in any cut or style you like. The minimum order is 150 bikinis. We don’t impose a minimum to make it difficult but it’s the approximate number of bikinis required to absorb an entire fabric roll with your own exclusive design. You can mix different bikini styles and sizes. This process is outsourced to a specialized fabric mill. This gives you access to the best design, print and color technology available in Brazil. They can duplicate any design you send in digital format and in the color of your choice.

Here’s a close approximation of how much it costs. If the average price of the bikini style you want produced costs $30 x 150 (min quantity) = $4,500. You should then factor the cost of delivering them, applying tags and labels and finally any local taxes you may incur.

We’ll frequently update you by email or phone. We’ll also send pictures of the prototype on a mannequin or real body if you prefer. We can also expedite the prototype (at your expense) for your final approval before we proceed with your production order in the combination of sizes you requested. The mix of sizes can include X-small, Small, Medium and Large.

Yes, we can add your logo to hang tags, labels and sanitary stickers. For more information about this please visit our private label link.  Printed logos are free and embroidered ones costs $140.

Shipping fees depend on which expedited service we use, final destination, number of packages and gross weight. We always compare rates and go with the lowest quote. The dimensions of a large box are 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm. It can support up to 250 bikinis and weigh about 35 kgs. (77 lbs). Using FedEx as an example, it approximately costs:
US: $350 – to the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.
US: $390 – to Europe.
US: $420 – to most other countries.

Fabric Palette

You can choose among dozens of print and solid colors. Here are a few.

Updated Conditions

We’re swamped with requests to design, prototype and produce entire bikini collections. This unique offering is part of our custom design program which was launched a few years ago.

Effective April 2, 2011.  On a case by case scenario, we may require an advance deposit to develop your prototype. This amount will be applied as credit towards your bikini production run*.  This deposit will be held as credit for a period of two months. If we do not receive confirmation for your production order, the safety deposit becomes the property of Mar Egeu.”

* A production order is simply placing the minimum order of 120 bikinis per approved prototype in as many as 3 different colors and 4 different sizes.

* Certain restrictions may apply. We reserve the right to evaluate and approve candidates on a case by case basis. We may request a non-refundable deposit that would apply towards the total value of your order. This is simply an effort to separate serious candidates from time wasters.