Visiting our Bikini Shop

Can we see your production facilities and meet your seamstresses?

Yes, of course you can.  You’re more than welcome to visit our shop in Sao Paulo but if it’s just to see us produce your bikinis it might not make sense.  It’s not the best way to invest your money after factoring in trip expenses such as flights, accomodation and more.  It’s best to invest that money into buying inventory or applying it towards sales and marketing.  We’ve produced swimwear collections for hundreds of customers over the years and rarely have met any of them in person.  Of course nothing can replace the personal touch but it would depend on your budget.  We’re a family business and our seamstresses have been with us for more than 20 years.  There’s nothing glamorous about our production facilities, simply a group of women who love what they do, which is to design, cut, sew and stitch swimsuits. 

Since prototypes typically take 2 weeks to produce, you probably won’t be around to see them before your departure. This is not always the case. 

If we’re not busy and have the fabrics and accessories in stock, then it would be just a matter of days to finalize your custom designed bikinis.