23 Sep

Swimwear and Activewear Entrepreneur: Journey of an inspiring bikini Queen

Client Profile:  Massiel Castillo Brand: Brand MCW Swimwear and Activewear Entrepreneur: Journey of an inspiring bikini Queen Some people leave lasting impressions, especially those who captivate us with their contagious enthusiasm and smile.  That was the case with Massiel Castillo.  From the very beginning we could tell she had a passion for swimwear and activewear.  […]

9 Sep

The Best Wholesale and private label Swimsuit Manufacturers

The Best Wholesale and private label Swimsuit Manufacturers are not based in China, the United States or in Europe; they’re located in Brazil and here’s why. Millions of Brazilians spend countless hours basking in the sun on thousands of kilometers of sandy beaches every day.  Beach culture is a way of life for Brazilians and […]

3 Sep

Mar Egeu Swimwear. Introduction to our Swimsuit Services

Some people prefer watching videos than reading text.  A video offers a glimpse of the people behind the team and transmits trust.  In our general introduction email, we share a short clip describing our wholesale, private label and custom design options.  Here’s a short clip that outlines the basics on how to get started with […]

27 Jul

There’s a surge in demand for Swimwear and fitness wear

Four reasons that explain why sales for swim and activewear are up, way up!  Despite uncertainties surrounding Covid 19, one thing is clear, it hasn’t impacted global demand for swimwear, gym clothes and general fitness wear.  We have a few thoughts why this may be the case.  People seem eager to go back to the […]

26 Jul

Predicting the hottest Swimwear Trends for 2021 – 2022

We know what you’ll be wearing on the beach and at pool parties months from now. In fact, we’re almost certain, and here’s why.   We’re one of the most experienced bikini manufacturers in the world with more than 30 years of experience producing women’s swimwear.  Our team has an amazing pulse on the swimwear […]

25 Jul

Working Conditions

Some people want to know more about our working conditions.  It’s a valid concern, especially when we hear about companies exploiting employees and luring underaged children to work in “slave like” conditions. Sadly, toxic work environments are more common than we think and exist everywhere, in rich and in poor countries. But not with us! […]

15 Jul

Tips from a fashion Icon who never attended fashion school

21 Lessons from Diane von Fürstenberg (DVF) I signed up for DVF’s online Masterclass and took the following notes.  They’re worth sharing because her experience is valuable and applicable to anyone interested in launching their own fashion label; whether it be swimwear or sportswear or clothing in general.  1. Your product needs to stand for […]

11 Jul

What 18 years of selling Swimwear and Sportswear Online taught me

Lessons in Branding, Private labeling and Customer Relationships. If you’re an online business, most of your customers will probably visit your website after typing a specific search query into Google. In our industry, it could be as detailed as, “Tie dye leggings for women and girls with pockets,” or “animal print leggings for yoga and […]

22 Jun

Wholesale Swimwear. Promotional Bikini Offer

It’s rare for bikini vendors or luxury swimsuit manufacturers like Mar Egeu to offer prices so low on a select few styles.  We can’t publish the prices out of respect to our resellers.  Even better, if you order at least 80 bikinis, we’ll private label the swimwear.  What this means is we’ll place your logo […]

18 Jun

Eco friendly fabrics and Sustainable Swimwear

We source fabrics from two of the most successful textile mills in Brazil, Rosset and Santa Constancia.  Both companies use non-toxic substances and invest heavily in research and development. Santa Constancia, for instance, developed the world’s first biodegradable polyamide (nylon) and Rosset is the largest textile company in Latin America that uses the latest generation of Lycra®.   It’s clear.  What’s good […]

15 Jun

How to Design and create your own Swimwear line  

Why start a swimwear line? Have you ever dreamed of creating your own bikini collection and selling the most popular bikinis around – designed by “YOU”?  You don’t have to have experience or attend fashion schools to start your own bikini business. It’s budget friendly and as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.    Why […]