How to Design and create your own Swimwear line  

Why start a swimwear line?

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own bikini collection and selling the most popular bikinis around – designed by “YOU”?  You don’t have to have experience or attend fashion schools to start your own bikini business. It’s budget friendly and as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.   

Why Brazil?

Brazilian bikinis are synonymous in the mind of most people as being “the best” in the world.  Bikinis designed and manufactured in Brazil are renowned for their exotic prints and cuts that set trends at fashion shows from New York to Milan and from Paris to Tokyo.  Authentic Brazilian bikinis are often imitated and copied by dozens of swimwear manufacturers around the world.

Why start your own bikini business?

For a start, how about attractive mark-ups of anywhere between 100% and 400%.  Importing wholesale bikinis directly from a manufacturer offers considerable savings because there are no middlemen involved.  It becomes even more lucrative if you decide to create your own swimwear line. Designing and promoting your own custom bathing suits can be particularly profitable if you have contacts with physical stores and know how to leverage the internet and social media to sell online. 

How to start your own bikini company and market your own bikini brand? 

The first step is choosing a reliable swimsuit vendor.  There are hundreds of swimwear manufacturers who claim they can design bikinis.  Dozens of bathing suit suppliers promise to custom design and create your bikini line but only a few will end-up exceeding your expectations.  Selecting a trustworthy and reliable wholesale swimwear vendor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when starting your own bikini brand.  A first good step is to see how much experience the bikini manufacturer has and how accessible they are to communicate with.  As the saying goes, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” and replying to questions instantly or within 24 hours should be expected.  Also, they should be able to offer live support so you can share text and video in real-time on any program the client wishes.  The fewer obstacles the more likely the project will move along more smoothly.  Transparency is key.  Who are they?  Visit their about page. Do they have pictures of their employees.  Does the company appear human?  People buy from people.  Another criteria is to see if they have a prototype and production agreement in place.  That would allow you to read through the conditions and accept or discuss any issues of concern prior to signing the agreement.  Any professional company should have one in place.    

What is the difference between Private labeling and custom designing?

Private labeling, also known as white or blank label clothing, is when you choose a swimwear manufacturers’ ready made designs and apply your brand or name on their fabrics, tags or labels.  It’s common and we offer an attractive option with any 80 bikinis to create your bikini line within weeks for less than $2,500.   On the other hand, custom swimwear manufacturers can produce your own bikini from scratch.  

So what are you waiting for to custom design your own bikinis?

We’ll guide you step-by-step on how to start your own bikini line.  We’re one of the leading swimwear manufacturers in the world, having produced quality swimwear for countless models and swim start-up brands for two decades.  Also, low minimum quantities (MOQs) assure that fulfilling your dream is economically viable.  You’re just a few clicks away from turning your dream into a reality.  

It’s always nice to put a voice behind an email and I would be more than happy to call you at a time and day of your preference to answer any questions you may have about creating your own swimwear line.

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