Eco friendly fabrics and Sustainable Swimwear

We source fabrics from two of the most successful textile mills in Brazil, Rosset and Santa Constancia.  Both companies use non-toxic substances and invest heavily in research and development. Santa Constancia, for instance, developed the world’s first biodegradable polyamide (nylon) and Rosset is the largest textile company in Latin America that uses the latest generation of Lycra®.  

It’s clear.  What’s good for the planet is good for people and businesses. That’s one reason why both companies are committed to producing sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics.    

The textile and fashion industry is finally waking up.  They have no choice but to adapt to how consumers make purchasing decisions.  It’s not enough for companies to compete on just quality and price.  Times have changed.  Consumers want to know how sustainable a product is, its environmental impact on the planet, and if the companies they purchase from adhere to ethical business practices.  Santa Constancia and Rosset stand out.  They’ve updating their production and supply chain to reflect environmental and human factors.   

Eco friendly fabrics and sustainable swimwear isn’t just a passing trend but here to stay, especially because it’s demanded by environmentally conscious buyers.  Technological advances of polyamide and textiles over the years have evolved so much because fabrics that used to take decades to decompose, now do so in less than 5 years.   

Here are some of the characteristics of the fabrics Santa Constancia and Rosset produce.  

  1. Santa Constancia produces the CO2control® label.  It uses the latest generation in nylon which is branded as Amni Soul Eco®. The fabric biodegrades in less than 5 years when disposed of in landfills compared to an astounding 50 years for general synthetics.  Santa Constancia is also Oeko-Tex certified, an independent control system which ensures textiles are safe for human use.    
  2. Rosset produces the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ + Solar Max label.  This unique fiber technology provides a longer lasting fit and protects swimwear against chlorine, sunscreen, heat, and more.  Fabrics with FPU protection, block up to 97.5%* of UV rays and offers protection against degradation of up to 10 times more than unprotected fibers.  These unique characteristics reduce  fading and help preserve the overall fit and lifespan of swimwear.    

We’ll include Eco Tags with your bikinis.  Depending on the model, we’ll either attach Santa Constancia’s Co2 control label or Rosset’s LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ + Solar Max label.  When buyers see this it gives them peace of mind and assures they’re buying from a company that’s transparent and committed to sustainability.