Swimwear and Activewear Entrepreneur: Journey of an inspiring bikini Queen

Client Profile:  Massiel Castillo

Brand: Brand MCW

Swimwear and Activewear Entrepreneur: Journey of an inspiring bikini Queen

Some people leave lasting impressions, especially those who captivate us with their contagious enthusiasm and smile.  That was the case with Massiel Castillo.  From the very beginning we could tell she had a passion for swimwear and activewear.  It was obvious she loved beach culture and that fitness and well-being played an important role in her life.  Massiel is a shining star and role model for aspiring start-up entrepreneurs.  Her journey deserves to be profiled in the hopes that it inspires others to wholesale, private label or even create their own bikini collection.  We asked Massiel a few questions.  

Most people discover our website by typing industry specific keywords into google search, such as “wholesale swimwear” or “private label bikini manufacturer,” how did you find us?

This was quite easy honestly! I just performed my research! In 2020, everything can be performed at the touch of a button. As you mentioned, simple google searches proved to be quite powerful. Growing up in Cuba, I was always aware of the massive bikini culture within Brazil. Because of this, I knew I wanted my bikinis to have a touch of Brazilian magic – so the combination of bikini manufacturer and Brazil led me to Mar Egeu – which I am especially grateful for!

How can you tell if a company operating online is honest or trustworthy, especially since you haven’t met them in person?

It is true that nowadays people have to protect their safety while surfing the web and dealing with people and companies online. However, once I came across the Mar Egeu website, I decided to call them. The person on the other side of the phone was extremely patient and gave me a bit of history about Mar Egeu and their operations – which immediately calmed my nerves! Also, given Spanish is my first language, I think this removed the obstacle of facing a language barrier and immediately created a sense of commonality between myself and those working at Mar Egeu! It’s hard to forget that trust is a two-way street, and I feel I earnt the trust of Mar Egeu as much as they have earnt mine.

You started with ordering a few samples and eventually decided to private label bikinis with your own brand.  Why did you choose this route?

Creating a private label bikini line has always been a dream of mine, so I feel pursuing this route enabled me to accomplish one of my greatest objectives in life! I am quite an ambitious person, so I am most definitely grateful for this opportunity.

What was your first impression when you received the samples?

One word…, AMAZING! The feel, the quality, the individuality. It was all so perfect! I immediately knew that Mar Egeu and myself were going to create something special and unique.

Can you briefly describe your experience in regards to:

a. Communication & support with Mar Egeu Brazilian Bikinis.

So incredibly helpful. All the people working at Mar Egeu have gone over and above to help me! So a massive thank you to the team!

b. What impressions did you have on the quality of the fabrics and overall fit? 

The quality was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Very smooth and very detailed. In terms of the fit, the bikinis felt as though they were custom made the way they hugged my body – which is a feeling most ladies will tell you is hard to come by when trying on bikini wear.

c. How did you find the prices compared to other high-end luxury bikinis?

Affordable. This was most definitely a welcomed sight, considering the high-end quality and cutting-edge technology used by Mar Egeu when designing and creating their bikinis.

What are some of the things that stood out throughout the process of developing your own bikini line and interacting with the bikini team?

Just how exciting it was to work alongside and collaborate with an experienced company such as Mar Egeu. I trusted my ideas and methodology, but it was really the way Mar Egeu helped transform these ideas into reality throughout each of the design stages that really stood out for me.

What did you learn along the way? 

The key lesson I learnt was how many people it takes in a collaborative effort to transform an idea into a reality. When I first came to Mar Egeu with the idea of starting Massi Collection Wear, it took many hours and many workers to implement my vision and deliver my dream private bikini label.

What advice do you have for those contemplating starting their own bikini or swimwear line?

I feel if you are passionate about bikini wear as much as I am, and you have a dream you wish to follow, do it! I urge everybody to follow their dreams, because at the end of the day, no matter what happens, you will look back at your life in the future and be grateful that you had the courage to capitalize on such moments in your life.

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