Private Label Swim Offer.

Sell and Promote your very own Swimwear Line!

Our Bikini Styles. Your Brand. Your Bikini Collection.

With a minimum order of just ANY 80 bikini sets, you’ll receive our Brazilian designed bikinis with tags and labels that showcase your brand, logo and name.

It’s budget-friendly and accessible to all, an incredible opportunity and perhaps a world’s first! For a minimum quantity of just 80 bikini sets (top + bottom count as one), you can add your personal brand. It’s unique because there are no restrictions or conditions on the quantity of styles, colors, or sizes you choose. It’s flexible because you get to mix any style, color and size provided they add up to at least 80 sets.

As everybody knows, Brazilian bikinis are renowned all over the world for their quality, attractive fabrics, and trendy bikini styles. Imagine associating your personal brand with the best South America swim and beach culture has to offer. Well, now you can!

We’ve made it accessible for you to start your very own swimwear collection. For over a decade, the minimum private label order used to be 300 bikini sets but we wanted to lower the barriers and make it as budget-friendly and accessible as possible. We think we’ve achieved that with this exclusive private label offer.

Startups and established brands can easily start their own swimwear label for around US $2,300 complete with your branded logo appearing on the labels and swing tags.

You’re probably wondering what the return on investment is?

If your cost is about $28 per set, on average, you can expect to get a 100% profit margin on a retail price of $56. You can, of course, sell them for a higher price than this to increase your profit margin. It’s up to you because markets have different purchasing points depending on where you live.

The process in Six Simple Steps

  1. Choose your favorite styles.  We’ll email our digital swim catalog.
  2. Choose the sizes and quantities for each style – XS, S, M or L.
  3. Choose which solid colors or prints you prefer.
  4. Choose the desired quantity for each size and color. Any amount.
  5. Send us your logo, image or the text you would like to appear on the tags and labels.
  6. Payment: Advance 50% to initiate production and the remaining 50% a few days prior to them being expedited.

We’ll then source your tags and labels, attach them to the bikinis and Fedex them to you with a turnaround of about 5-6 weeks.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you love 4 styles and would like to offer them to your customers.  Here’s a breakdown of what the private label swimwear order could look like.

Still not sure? Consider these points!

  1. Service – Fanatical customer support
    We’re here to help and guide you throughout the process. Schedule a call or Live chat with us on Whatsapp
  2. Styles
    Choose from over 20 different styles in a variety of prints and solids. You can choose from past collections if we have any left in stock.
  3. Quality
    We inspect all bikinis before they are packed.
  4. Budget Friendly
    Best value for money.
  5. Incredible Fabrics
    Eco friendly. Insanely soft. Feel the difference.
  6. Branded Swing Tags and Labels with your logo on them
    We’ll source locally or you can send us yours. We’ll attach them at no cost.
    Premium Option: Embroidered labels (small fee). The price of tags will be quoted as they depend on pages, color and grade of paper.
  7. Authentic
    100% Made in Brazil. A country synonymous with bikinis.

It’s always nice to put a voice behind an email and I would be more than happy to call you at a time and day of your preference to answer any questions you may have about starting your own swimwear collection.


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