What are the three main buying options?

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The three principle buying options are wholesale, private labeling and custom designing.  a) Wholesale. 12 bikinis total (used to be 25) – This includes any mix of styles, colors and sizes with Mar Egeu tags and labels attached.  Top and bottom count as one (sold as sets).  Availability of past collections are sold on a first come first served basis since they’re no longer being reproduced. b) Private labeling. 80 bikinis total (used to be 300).  Details here.  Private labeling is a great option and growing in popularity.  A private label order entails a minimum order of 80 bikinis in any mix of styles, sizes and colors.  The price is the same as if you were to purchase our bikinis.  You only have to pay for your labels and tags.  We source these from a well known company called Haco or you can source them locally. c) Custom design. 120 bikinis per style (depending on fabric) – This option is available if you decide to design your own bikini collection.  120 bikinis will get you one style in as many as 3 different colors and 4 different sizes – XS, S, M and L.