Dear Entrepreneur,

I often receive phone calls and emails from men and women all over the world wanting to know more about importing and selling our line of Brazilian bikinis. We get requests from students, parents, single moms, shop owners, and entrepreneurs who work full-time but would like to make some extra money on the side.

Getting Started!

Selling premium Brazilian brands is easier than you think! To help you understand the entire process we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to guide you from concept to execution.

Who are you? Can I trust doing business with you in Brazil?

We provide our full contact information for transparency. We are “Trust Pass®” certified which means that a third-party credit agency has authenticated that we are a trusted and legitimate supplier.

Each year, we conduct hundreds of trade transactions with clients based all over the world. Click here to view testimonials from our clients. Still have doubts, I would be more than happy to call you and put a voice behind the emails and tell you much more about us and what we can do to help you get started.

Why Buy Brazilian Swimsuits?

Brazilian swimwear designers and bikini manufactures produce some of the most creative styles and cuts ever seen at fashion shows in New York, Paris, Tokyo, London and São Paulo. Without a doubt, Brazilian bikinis are recognized and respected world-wide.

How much does it cost to prototype one bikini?

It costs $150 to prototype one bikini (top + bottom). If, for example, you would like to prototype seven styles that would be 7 x $150 = $1,050. Prototype fees are non-refundable. Keep in mind that the minimum per style is around 150 bikinis depending on fabric selected. If you develop 3 different designs that would amount to an order of 450 (3 styles x 150) bikinis. We realize that imposing minimums per style makes it difficult for those operating on a tight budget. The reason we can’t go lower is simply because that’s what the fabric mill suppliers impose and is the approximate number of bikinis required to use up an entire roll of fabric. Fabric is expensive. We order the highest quality and therefore try our best to minimize waste or leftover.

I find your prices higher than others.

As soon as you receive our bikinis you’ll understand why we’re reasonably priced higher in the market. There’s simply no comparison! For one, we use the finest Lycra® available in the market and apply luxurious embellishments that can add as much as 50% to the total cost of the bikini. All bikinis are double-lined and include authentic “Made in Brazil” labels. Our bikinis meet rigorous export specifications. We don’t differentiate on price. We focus on producing high quality swimwear with distinctive styles. We’re a boutique designer that adheres to strict Brazilian tax and labor laws. We don’t mass produce or employ child labor. Our fashion brand, including those of our private label partners, can be found on celebrities and in fine apparel boutiques around the world. Moreover, we provide fanatical support and a money back guarantee not typically offered in our industry.

Tell me more about sizes and colors

You can choose from hundreds of styles, available in dozens of color patterns and 4 sizes – USA extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M) and large (L).

Are they too skimpy? Do you offer bikinis for fuller women?

We supply over 100 different bikini styles, some skimpy and others more conservative that appeal to fuller women. Our representatives like the wide selection of sexy bikinis with fuller designs because it enables them to offer more choice to their clients.

Can we mix and match?

Yes, you can mix and match with a select few designs. You can combine bikinis by design, color and size.

Okay, now that I'm convinced that you're a reputable supplier of premium Brazilian brands, what's the next step?

Some buyers have ordered large quantities without even buying samples or viewing our print catalogs. We recommend you order at least 25 samples so that you can see the quality first hand and show them around. The samples arrive with free print catalogs that you can use to show potential buyers.

Which samples should I order? How do I pay for them and how much does it cost?

You can select any design you like and think will do well in your market. A good start is sharing our digital catalog with family and friends. Their feedback will help you narrow down your choice. We can also offer some suggestions and you can view some of the more popular ones by visiting our Top Ten list. After selecting your favorites, we send you an email with the total cost of the samples including postal fees. Shortly after, you effect payment to our Paypal account or Bank account.

Okay, I'm ready to place a wholesale order.

Now that you’re ready to place a minimum wholesale order simply send us an email with the designs you would like, color preferences and sizes. We’ll check back on availability and send you a pro-forma invoice for your confirmation. Once we receive your approval and confirmation of deposit, the goods are sent to any address you specify.

I'm worried about buying online. How do I pay for the goods?

We accept payment using a popular online service called PayPal which enables you to send funds directly from a verified bank account or by using a credit card. They offer insurance protection against online fraud. It’s safe, fast and convenient to use. We also accept wire transfers.

How do I sign-up to use the PayPal service?

Simply visit their website at and complete the necessary information. Once they authenticate your identity and bank information, your account will be activated.

Are you flexible with payment terms?

For orders exceeding 2000 bikinis, we can split the payment by requesting 50% of the total invoice value up-front to initiate production and the remaining amount to be settled shortly before the bikinis are expedited. After a solid business relationship has been formed, we can consider receiving a certain amount 30 days after items are shipped.

How long will it take for the samples and catalogs to arrive?

Depending on where you live, it can take anywhere from one to two weeks before they arrive. We use the expedited shipping services of FedEx.

What about import duty?

Please note that all shipments may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. For more information, we suggest you consult with a broker in your region.

How much should I price the bikinis in the market?

We let you determine any price you feel your market supports. We recommend you talk to friends, retailers and visit stores to see what prices premium swimwear go for in your area. If selling to retailers, keep in mind that they’ll probably want a resell mark-up of at least 100%. The suggested retail price for most of the styles fall in the range of $80 to approximately US $120.00.

The samples arrived and they're absolutely gorgeous! What next?

The positive feedback we get from first time buyers is amazing. In almost every case, our resellers tell us that the quality of the bikinis exceeded their expectations. Armed with the samples and catalogs in hand you can now show your friends and probe demand before you place a wholesale order for at least a total of 50 pieces.

The reaction has been positive. Friends and others want to buy. What next?

At this point you’re extremely motivated to invite all your friends over for a party and sell directly or act as a distributor to women’s clothing stores, your local gym, high-end surf shops, lingerie stores, resorts, hotels, tanning salons, specialty boutiques and tourist shops to name a few. To minimize risk and maximize your financial returns, you can even take pre-orders in advance or simply choose a variety of bikinis.

I don't know how to locate potential buyers?

We can work with you to help identify potential buyers in your area using a number of online services available for free.

This all sounds good but I'm still not convinced.

Fact: Six out of 10 representatives are repeat buyers within 180 days.

Do you offer online support?

You can reach us through Skype. Simply download the program and connect your speakers and microphone.

I'm new to the Internet and would like to sell online.

Selling online is possible but we recommend you start off by selling to individuals and businesses within your community. For those of you who have experience selling online, you may use our digital images to promote online after receiving our written authorization or confirmed an order for at least 25 bikinis.