Why you?

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We’d like to draw your attention to the 4 Ps of marketing to answer the question of why you should consider working with us and not with anybody else who’s also just a click away. One of the first things a student of marketing learns is something called the four Ps. The four Ps consist of Product, Price, Promotion and Place. This marketing mix is a classic model that suggests companies who get the 4 Ps right tend to do well. Let’s use Mar Egeu as an example. Based in Brazil (place), we sell bikinis (product) at competitive prices (price), and advertise them on and offline (promotion). We’ve covered the 4 Ps but so have other many other swimwear companies. We believe that being in Brazil is a competitive advantage because Brazil is synonymous with bikinis but that’s not enough to compete in today’s global market. The good news is that there is a 5th P that can’t be duplicated no matter what – and that stands for “People.” We believe that our team separates us from so many other swimwear manufacturers and that’s not just our opinion but what our customers have been telling us for decades. Nobody can copy who we are as a people, our enthusiasm, passion and love for serving our customers. It has always been about developing good relationships, so much that many of our customers have become long time friends.