I want to create my own brand of bikinis. Please help me get started.

Category: Getting Started. General Questions

Creating your own brand has never been easier.  We recognized the demand for private labeling, also known as white labeling, when our clients began creating personal brands on Youtube and on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and more recently TikTok.  Private labeling swimwear is a way to build your brand identity and showcasing your very own bikini label to your loyal “tribe” or community.  For a mere 80 bikinis in total, you can offer a large selection of styles, colors and sizes.  There is no additional cost for private labeling unless you opt for more elaborate tags or prefer to have the labels embroidered.  There’s also an additional cost if you decide to have your logo pressed on the swimwear fabric.  Simply select which bikinis you would like to have private labeled, and within 2-3 weeks you would receive them with your brand name appearing on the labels.