Do you produce Heat Press Labels?

Category: Private Label

The pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of heat pressed Labels.

We discourage clients from printing logos on the surface of swim fabrics.  Yes, it’s an option we offer but reluctantly, so much that we don’t heat press labels on our branded swimwear.  The reason is that after using the swimwear just a few times, the heat pressed label begins to crack and peel away from the surface of the bikini.  It does so because of direct contact with chlorine in the pool, sea salt, heat from the sun and of course after repeated washes.  This is true with all heat pressed labels including branded ones like Adidas and Nike. It’s a great vanity or “bling” offering but something that doesn’t visibly last for too long.  We don’t do it in-house but can source it locally.  Another option is to have your logo embroidered on the garment.  This is perhaps a more durable option.